Our owner, Marlow McShan, has been in the fitness industry since 1991. He started Marlow’s Fitness in 1994 to provide nutrition and fitness training to corporations. Later, he expanded to include individual training sessions for anyone who wanted to learn how to take care of their bodies better in Austin, TX.

Our approach to personal training is different from most other trainers in the Austin, Texas area. There’s no ego at Marlow’s Fitness – your training session is all about reaching your personal goals, not our owner showing off his personal strength. Our classes and coaching sessions focus on goal setting and reaching, and we pride ourselves on our approachability.

Come alone or bring your family and friends to all get healthy together. Start taking charge of your health today at Marlow’s Fitness in Austin, TX.

Personal Trainer Austin TX

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach | Nutritional & Health Coaching Serving Austin, TX & Surrounding Areas

I’ve always been an athlete. I doubt that is much of a surprise, since most personal trainers are lifelong athletes. But, in many ways, I’m different than the typical trainer.
No person’s body, mind and spirit is exactly like that of anyone else. As a result, a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness is doomed to fail the majority of the population in the long run. I chose to become a wellness professional so that I could help others. I’m not a personal trainer to show off, I’m here to make a difference and I know I can do that as long as I take the time to understand my clients and continue to study the science of wellness each day.

I want to help you become more healthy than you are today. It is very possible to make sure that your quality of life improves dramatically and that you are able to maintain it over the next few decades of your life.

Fitness means something different to each of us, but to be successful, we must incorporate a holistic approach to wellness. A supportive community which pushes you to excel while accepting you at exactly this point in your journey will give you the opportunity to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. My job, as your trainer, is to make sure I create and maintain that community for you.

Throughout the years, I’ve consistently set my clients up for success by providing flexible options for workouts and providing tools so my clients will be able to create strong, healthy habits related to nutrition and stress management. I’m proud that I help my clients make small, permanent changes every day.

  • Trainer, Marlow McShan, earned a BA in Kinesiology from the University of Texas,
  • Is a certified personal trainer (NSCA) and an integrated health coach (IIN).
  • His passion is helping others improve their lives through exercise and nutrition.
  • He excels at creating programs that allow individuals to sustain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle over time.

Marlow’s Fitness is a personal training studio committed to offering strength training and cardio conditioning for men & women in an intimate, judgment-free environment.