I worked out at Marlow’s Fitness for 5 years and I was in the best shape of my life! Marlow’s methods and workout structures are so effective. Since moving away from Austin, I have yet to be able to accomplish the same fitness level on my own. I miss Marlow’s Fitness so much!! Not only that but Marlow facilitates community with his carefully planned group circuits and yearly fitness contests (aka Marlow’s Movement). I have met some amazing humans at Marlow’s gym, some of which are now very close friends. Marlow is a visionary, with his trajectory set on helping as many people as he can raise their health and fitness quotient to enhance quality of life. He always says “I just want you to be happy!”…that says it all.


When I met Marlow over 11 years ago I was looking for someone to inspire me and hold me accountable to getting back into shape. I found what I was looking for. Under Marlow’s guidance and coaching, I safely gained upper body strength, started running again after a 25 year hiatus, and became truly physically fit. Thanks to Marlow, my life changed for the better.

Jennifer Reck

Victor O’Brien has been working out with Marlow since 2011, when a dear friend recommended (several times!) that Victor give it a try. I wanted to find out what keeps Victor coming back each week. It’s pretty simple – Victor credits Marlow with the fact that he now feels great in his own skin and notices benefits he never even expected. “It’s hard to list the benefits of working out with Marlow. There’s just been so many. I’ve lost as much as 66 pounds. I’m 31 and in better shape than I have been at any point in my life. I can actually see my muscles, many of which I never knew I had.”

Victor explained that the strength and health he developed quickly resulted in increased confidence. I guess it makes sense that once you conquer the intimidating “exercise mountain,” you know you can accomplish anything in life. That’s bound to increase confidence. To be fair, Marlow’s clients consistently tell me that working out with Marlow is fun and inspiring. It’s not nearly as mountain-ish as they originally expected, but Marlow’s clients are definitely racking up impressive accomplishments, even when they’re having a blast in the process. (Maybe it’s because they’re having a blast in the process?)

Victor’s confidence translated into promotions at work and he found that his personal interactions were much more positive. As a matter of fact, he was surprised and happy to learn that he was able to motivate others. I find that particularly inspiring because Marlow’s focus on community support came full circle. Victor’s friend originally inspired him and now Victor inspires others. That’s really what makes a Marlow workout special – not only are we all in this together, but we have fun and we’re all stronger when we tackle these challenges together!

Victor O'Brien

Marlow’s the best. He’s helped me lose 60 pounds, get in the best shape of my life, improve my overall health, and gain better management of my diet.

The Marlow’s Movement Challenge is the best fitness challenge in Austin at getting results. I’ve seen dozens of people, year after year, lose 20, 30, 40, or 50 pounds. The team competition and incentive of winning a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun really get people motivated. Marlow’s Movement gets people to push beyond what they typically do at other gyms and to put health, diet, and exercise together for 16 weeks for amazing results.

Thank you Marlow for what you’ve done for me over the last four years.

Cindy Cobuzzi

Over 10 years ago I started working out at Marlow’s Fitness Studio with hope that I would gain strength and endurance. My body had been through a lot (multiple rounds of chemo & radiation), however due to my commitment to my health and Marlow’s support and guidance, I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.

Not only did I gained the strength and endurance I was looking for, I have gained confidence, mobility and life long friends. Marlow and his studio has become such an important part of my life. People often ask how and why I get up at 4:15 most mornings. It’s easy when you get to be with such an icreadible and inspiring group of women and you have a personal trainer that truly cares for each and every person he works with.

Thank you, Marlow!! You have truly changed my life.

Lynette Caldwell

After training on my own for many years at various gyms a friend recommended Marlow’s Fitness. I’ve been training with Marlow for three years and my most recent physical indicated no degradation of bone loss (important to me as I age) and I’ve maintained my weight. Marlow keeps workouts interesting and he is always close by to make sure my form is correct.

Lisa Ashby

I have worked with Marlow for many years. I recently had to have a hip replacement. Marlow was amazing in the months leading up to my surgery. He tailored my workouts to fit my limited abilities and got me to a great place before surgery. After surgery, I was much further along than my physical therapist, my doctor and myself expected. And, once I was able to start woking out with Marlow post surgery, he again tailored my workouts to where my body was in the recovery process. The one thing I love about Marlow is that he takes you exactly where you are and makes you as strong as you can be! I can’t recommend Marlow enough!

Jenny S.

I have had a few personal trainers for over 22 years and Marlow’s training methods have made a difference for my body and my outlook on working out He makes it enjoyable and yet still challenges me. At the age of 54 he keeps me motivated and feeling young and energetic. I highly recommend him to anyone of any age. It is never too late to get in shape. Thanks Marlow


I’ve been going to Marlow’s for years. Not only is Marlow amazing and supportive, but so are the other people who go to Marlow’s. He will keep you healthy and strong.

Holly M.

I met Marlow four years and it truly changed my life. I have gained strength and lost weight and learned how to set and achieve health and fitness goals in a positive, supportive and fun environment. Marlow genuinely cares about you and your health and will motivate and challenge you to be successful. And you might just win a trip to CANCUN! Thank you Marlow!

Brittany Hirschorn

Marlow and his gym are fantastic. From the first class, I felt accepted and cared about, a complete no judgement zone. His circuit workouts are amazing and feel infinitely stronger then when I started his program. Each days work out focuses on a different part of the body and has varying times for each exercise so each session has it’s different challenges. There is always different weight sets so you can make the workout as hard or as easy as you like. I highly recommend taking his class!

Lisa Cady

I have known Marlow as a friend for about 14 years. About 3 years into our friendship I decided to take the challenge to get fit and to possibly win a trip to Cancun. Marlow makes it so easy to get in and get started. There’s never any judgement about what you can and can’t do; he never yells at you to keep going and truly cares about you as a person. It’s not about how much weight you can lift – it’s about being healthy from head to toe – inside and out. Not only have I gotten healthy and fit but I have ran/walked the Cap 10K with my son (which I never imagined I could ever do in my life), and I’ve participated in several 5K’s. Additionally, I have made many lifetime friends that have the same drive I now have to be healthy.

Joey Martin

A friend recommended Marlow and I am so glad I listened. For the first time I had a community of people, especially Marlow, helping me understand what it takes to have a healthy lifestyle. If you are ready to make a change and make friends join Marlow’s Fitness.
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